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در ایران ما حرفی از این 16 راه و 16 روز نیست 

ای کاش یک روز همه ما به خودمون بیایم و باور کنیم که باید به حقوق هم احترام بگذاریم  چه مرد و چه زن 

با هر مذهبی باید این رو بفهمیم  میشه بهتر از این  زندگی کرد...

Men and boys in their various roles as individuals, community members, leaders, educators, fathers, family members, staff of NGOS or policy makers have a responsibility and important role to play in promoting gender equality and ending violence against women and girls. To help commemorate this year’s 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence, the White Ribbon Campaign encourages you to take 16 steps to help make a powerful difference in promoting gender equality in your family, community, school, and workplace. Share this message your friends and colleagues, so that they get engaged as well

1. Think about the kind of man you want to be: kind, responsible, one that shares equally in family life and respects women and girls.

2. Be respectful towards women, girls, and other guys. Sexism and homophobia hurts us all.

3. Never use coercion, threats, or violence in your relationships with others.

4. Ask first. Whether it’s holding hands, kissing, or more, it’s important to communicate and seek consent.

5. Wear a white ribbon and pledge to never commit, condone, or remain silent about violence against women and girls. Visit our website to order ribbons.

6. Teach your students and the youth in your community about gender equality and healthy, equal relationships.  

7. Be a good role model and share with the boys and young men around you the importance of respecting women and girls. Visit www.itstartswithyou.ca to find out how. 

8. Learn about the impact of violence against women in your community. Volunteer with a local shelter or a women’s organization. 

9. Challenge and speak out against hurtful language, sexist jokes, and bullying, in your school, community, workplace, or place of worship.

10. Link your website to ours or place a banner for our It Starts With You Campaign on your website or blog and help us spread the word.  

11. Accept your role as a man in helping to end violence against women. It affects everyone. 

12. Start a White Ribbon Club or Campaign in your school or community. Visit our website to find out how. 

13. Order our awareness materials and help educate others in your school, community, or workplace about men’s violence against women and girls.  

14. Watch our collection of powerful digital stories to learn about the important connection between masculinity and gender equality.  

15. As a community leader, policy maker, funder, or NGO staff member, read our issue brief to learn about the important role that men and boys can play in ending gender-based violence.  

16. As a father or a family member, teaching the boys in your life about healthy equal relationships helps you do your part in creating healthy families and strengthening family bonds
Action Type: Awareness Raising
Sponsored By: White Ribbon Campaign

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